Art Assessment Materials (2.1.19 PD)

On February 1st, CPS Arts held a city-wide PD day at the Chicago Cultural Center, I was lucky enough to talk about how I use integrated assessment as parts of my lessons. I wanted to share the resources I used during the presentation with anyone who is interested. Assessment shouldn’t be a distraction from how you teach but should support your lesson.


Slide Deck and Powerpoint

Google Slide Deck

AIS – Assessments -2gppm9a (.ppt)

Creating a Beat Lesson Materials

Beat Making Rubric (3)-yindcw

Chrome Music Lab

How to Use Chrome Music Lab


How to use Splice

Feedback Materials

Beat Critique (_)-2ohy8pz

Diary of a Song Playlist

7_8 – Feedback (1)-1zmakrw

7_8 – NPR Article-2n2fgh0NPR Transcript -10nkhv5


Additional Assessments

  • Lego Rhythms

An introduction to composition for my students using legos. We assign sounds to legos, build with them, and try and play our creations. The assessment is authentic; built into the lesson and works to further your learning goals.

Project Overview

3) Lego Color Code Chart-1ewvu0w

Blank Template

  • Instrument Self-Assessment

I use this in my Middle School Ukulele Elective but can be adapted to work with any number of instruments. The key is using tech to video tape their weekly practice and turn it in. This allow me to individually track and assess all my students, while simultaneously removing the pressures of performing.
Incl. here is a short video tutorial, a collection of rubrics I use when assessing skills, and an example of my different tiers.

Process Overview

Ukulele Rubric Collection-1yr7bm2

Ukulele Tracks-26ymtge

  • Keezy

Keezy is a super easy recording app I’ve used with multiple lessons.
Press the button, record your sound, press it again to play it back.
The younger students love using it and it’s the only way I’ve been successful with having them try and record anything.
Examples of things I’ve had them record:
ABA Compositions
Story Sounds (sounds to go with a picture book)

Keezy App Site

Story Sounds Unit

ABA Worksheet-2bq9paw

  • World Music Passport

I used this as a integrated exit slip / check for understanding for a “World Music Wednesdays” unit I used to teach. Student create a “passport” for themselves, and at the end of every lesson jot down facts about the country and music they learned, marking it on their map, and then getting a stamp.
How else could a book like this be used? Instrument families? Practice Log? Let me know how you find ways to use it!

Book Template

Book making Tutorial

  • Kahoot

Ukulele Blind Kahoot

Ukulele Review

Music Business


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Frank Cademartori • February 1, 2019

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