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This year I’d like to elevate my 21st Century Music elective by purchasing a Soundtrap Educational plan. It’s only $249 and will benefit over 140 middle school students with dozens of tools and hundreds of thousands of musical samples. Please visit my GoFundMe to make a donation! 


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“If the purpose of education is to develop the mind and capabilities of every child, it is very clear to me that music has a unique and necessary role to play.” -Donald Hodges, UNCG

In music class we get to create and explore and inspire learning in a way that other classes just aren’t able to.

Technology in the classroom is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity for a quality education. These days teachers need to teach more than just content in their classes, and students need to learn skills that go far beyond the classroom. Through the lens of music, we can touch on so many different issues and themes to expose learners to a whole world of information they might otherwise be missing in their day-to-day classes.

Our school is an K-8 urban charter school in Chicago’s Irving Park neighborhood and part of the Chicago International Charter School network. We’re managed by a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting and serving kids from traditionally under-served backgrounds.

My Project (GoFundMe)
As a traveling teacher, I move from room to room, every period, every class. My “classroom” often exists more as a digital one than a tangible one. I heavily utilize the power of Google Classroom and other educational websites, so that my students can access lessons and materials anytime, anywhere. You can read more here.

I’m trying to fund access to the Soundtrap Educational suite for my Middle School classes. This will give my students access to dozens of tools and thousands on music samples and resources. It seamlessly integrates with my existing Google Classroom and will enhance both the instruction and structure of my class in many different ways.

The cost for the entry level Educational plans is $249 for a year – I will rotate classes on a quarterly basis and will serve approximately 140 students during that time. ( Soundtrap Education Pricing  )The majority of the time we will use this program will be during Middle School Electives, a time when students choose which class they want to attend, and so each student that benefits from this program is one who is intrinsically interested in sound recording, podcasting, and audio engineering.

Please help both me and my student modernized our digital music classroom!


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Frank Cademartori • August 13, 2019

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