Bruno’s Winter Workshop

There is a lot of hard work and practice that goes into a concert. Students across all grade levels take time out from their day to practice. Much of the show is student created including several song selections, parts of the script, costume ideas, decorations, flyer & program design and much more. Here’s a “behind the scenes” look at some of their hard work. 


Additional Student Created Flyer & Program Designs :

Ms. Larson held an open call for student art and we had so many great submissions. The art was then turned into the program, promotional flyers, ticket art, etc. Here are some of our favorites:

The Uku-ladies:

These wonderful and talents 6th grade girls applied for this group via our Middle School jobs board. They came in almost everyday during lunch to practice for weeks. They selected and practiced their own songs and decided who would do what role in the group – whether it’s singer, percussion, conductor, etc.

Winter Concert Auditions:

3rd and 4th graders came to auditions en masse! Tensions were high as they crowded into our Makerspace for a quick script reading. Each student filled out an audition ticket, which also served as their pass to attended during lunch and recess. Therefore each student was really dedicated to trying out, but in the end we only chose 1 student from each 3rd & 4th grade room. 

Frank Cademartori • December 14, 2019

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