Donor’s Choose: Traveling Xylophone Sets

Collaborative performances allow us to build community through music. These portable xylophone sets will allow us to work on both rhythm & pitch – allowing us to create not just beats, but songs.


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Rhythm & Pitch: Xylophone Sets

My students need high quality instruments that are both durable and portable. These xylophone sets will benefit multiple classes across multiple grade levels.

My Students

“If the purpose of education is to develop the mind and capabilities of every child, it is very clear to me that music has a unique and necessary role to play.” -Donald Hodges, UNCG

Everyday, we build a classroom community through music.

Our school is an urban K-8 charter school in Chicago’s Irving Park neighborhood and part of the Chicago International Charter School network. We’re managed by a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting and serving kids from traditionally underserved backgrounds.

My students love tapping, drumming, and making beats, yet are limited by the materials and space that we have. Last year my students began the basics of drumming and rhythm program last year. This year I want to build on that success, and hope we can grow as both learners and musicians!

My Project

Last year we embarked on the beginnings of a rhythm & drumming program with great success, yet we didn’t have the time or materials to continue further. By donating to this project you are helping us secure the most basic needs to continue that program.

This class set of xylophones will allow us to continue learning and practicing rhythm, but also focus on pitch – creating not just beats, but songs.

Being able to change pitch will open a whole new world of music to my students. Building off their growth from last year, these instruments will really help them excel as both learners and musicians. The eventual goal is to have students working together in small groups to create and compose original melodies.

Our school does not have a dedicated space for music, and I travel classroom to classroom. Therefore having instruments that are both portable and durable is essential. These lightweight sets will allow us to turn each classroom into a mini-concert hall, where students are creating and composing their own original songs. By creating music together each class will grow not just as learners but as a community as well.

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Frank Cademartori • August 9, 2018

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