Setting Norms: A Social Contract

Start your year with a Social Contract. Different from a set of classroom rules, a contract is an agreement created by the students for both how they want to be treated and how they should treat others. Establish a culture that is unique to your classroom, based on the values of those in it.

The Power of Positive Relationships (a personal journey)

“You can catch more flies with honey” a friend used to tell me. How does an old adage like this apply to your classroom? I’ve had a great deal of behavior struggles with my students this year, and I want to share my experience of what worked and what didn’t. I’ve found a few methods…

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Make Routines Sing! : Using Music in Classroom Management

“Music is the tool to express life – and that makes all the difference” said local Chicago-born Herbie Hancock. If music is a tool then how can you use it to help you in the classroom? There are a lot of tips out there about management, but here are some unique ones that let music do…

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